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This template creates a clickable button. The syntax is currently a work-around, so it is not as easy to use as it should be. There are two editable parameters. The first one, an unnamed one, is used to create the text of the button. It can support wikilinks.

{{Clickable button| [[Main page|Link to main page]] }} produces Link to main page

The other one, named "color", allows you to change the color of the button. You can select between three colors: white (default), blue and red.

To change the color of a button, you have to add the color parameter followed by the color name, like this: {{clickable button|Text|color=blue}}.

To make text white, place that text inside the {{white}} template.


  • white (default):

{{Clickable button|color=white| [[Main page|button text]] }}
button text

  • blue:

{{Clickable button|color=blue| [[Main page|{{white|button text}}]] }}
button text

  • red:

{{Clickable button|color=red| [[Main page|{{white|button text}}]] }}
button text